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Health Insurance / Medicare

Your business is changing. Today, you’re expected to improve patient outcomes. Control costs. Reduce hospital stays. Meet ACA and CMS compliance standards. And manage PMPM. Whether it’s young invincibles, established business owners, providers, even newly eligible Medicare enrollees, we can help you reach them, teach them, and improve the overall health care experience throughout the ecosystem.

We found people who really care in Buffalo, New York
We found people who really care in Buffalo, New York
A 5-Star Meeting Series for Security Health Plan
A 5-Star Meeting Series for Security Health Plan
Encouraging the Switch to Generic Prescriptions in Upstate New York
Encouraging the Switch to Generic Prescriptions in Upstate New York
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Meet a man with decades of health insurance experience (marketing that is, not claims). CEO Bill Murtha and the Roberts team have been helping health plans market for 20 years.

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  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation
  • Health Integrated
  • Lifetime Healthcare Companies
  • Unity Health System
  • Lifetime Care
  • MedAmerica
  • Prevention Minnesota
  • Rochester RHIO
  • Security Health Plan
  • StrongCare
  • Univera
  • CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
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  • Outdoor
  • Radio
Univera Healthcare Showcasing employees

As the challenger health insurance brand in Buffalo, Univera had a lot to offer…but not a lot of awareness. An Open Enrollment campaign to showcase Univera’s “real people who really care” put the faces of employees on billboards and mall kiosks throughout the region. Their stories were documented on web videos, and you could hear them on the radio. By humanizing this insurance company, we boosted awareness, preference and goodwill.

What changed: The campaign drove 10,998 unique website visits, nearly doubling that of the previous year. Healthy increase.
  • TV
  • TV
Focusing on the People behind the Medicare Plan

Based in central Wisconsin, Security Health Plan (SHP) is a well-established Medicare Advantage HMO with strong ties to their provider sponsors—Marshfield Clinic. SHP’s point of differentiation was incredible above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty people. So we put those people out front in targeted direct marketing, broadcast, radio, even on web landing pages.

What changed: Showcasing the people behind the plan drove a 14.5% YOY increase in applications.
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Regional Health Insurance Organization Advancing Generic Drugs and Community Health

Roughly 15% of the trillions of dollars spent on health care in the U.S. every year go toward prescriptions. One insurer wanted to increase the fill rate of generics and reduce costs for the entire New York State health community.

What changed: $130 million of savings in year one; nearly $1 billion saved since the program's inception.

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